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What Do Vegans Eat For Breakfast?

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Breakfast is important for everyone and vegans enjoy an endless variety of morning meal options.

Vegans Eat Quiche?

howards favorite quiche

Howard’s Favorite Quiche

You don’t need dairy or eggs to make fantastic breakfast classics, so vegans need not forgo familiar favorites like  french toast, pancakes, biscuits & gravy, cinnamon rolls, breakfast burritos, bacon, quiche (yes, vegans eat quiche and bacon!) omelets, casseroles, bennies and even plant-based versions of fast-food breakfast sandwiches – we’re just loving the compassion!

Diary & Egg-Free French Toast

If you prefer your morning meal on the savory side, try creamed spinach on toast, veggie corn cakes or a hearty breakfast bowl.

Savory Breakfast Bowl

Savory Breakfast Bowl

Grab and Go Vegan Meals

Keep mornings simple with grab-and-go meals like whole grain toast topped with prepared hummus and slices of veggies, eggless salad or nut butter and jam. For power packed raw breakfasts on the go that you can make ahead of time, try Tess’ Raw Cinnamon Rolls or Sarah’s Goji Berry Energy Balls. Or try a multi-seed porridge

Goji Berry Energy Balls

Goji Berry Energy Balls

There is a large and growing variety of commercially available vegan cereal and a bowl topped with your favorite plant-based milk is a great way to start your day. For a guide to vegan cereal brands see  Also, don’t overlook the crockpot. Cooking oats and other grains overnight make morning meals a breeze. A great resource for vegan crockpot meals is

If eating in the AM is not your thing, drink your breakfast with a healthy juice or smoothie. For recipes and other information on powerhouse drinks, see  To read the incredible story of one woman’s juicing journey, see


The bottom line?

Everyone has time for a healthy start to their day.




Author: Kris Giovanini

Kris is a former attorney and long time vegetarian/vegan who was healed of severe digestive problems after eliminating all dairy from her diet. Says Kris "if I can make great vegan food, anyone can"! Kris devotes her time to promoting vegan/plant-based diets and can be reached at