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About Our Vegan Cookbook Reviews

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Do you wonder how we choose the vegan cookbooks that we review?  There actually is a method to our madness!  

We review vegan cookbooks that we like and recommend.  Thankfully, we are in a time where we have many terrific vegan cookbooks from which to choose!  In the “old days” (not really that long ago) vegan cookbooks were not so plentiful.  While our reviews may not encompass all the great vegan cookbooks out there, rest assured that if we review a cookbook it is worth your time, money and consideration.  This does not mean that every cookbook is appropriate for every person.  Read our review to find out if the cookbook is a good choice for you.   

We limit our reviews to “vegan” cookbooks.  We do this because we strongly believe that eating vegan or plant-based is critically important for the environment, the animals and our own health.  If we ever vary from this policy, it will be for good reason and will be stated clearly.

We review both new cookbooks and ones that have been around awhile.  Why?  If you are in a used book store, you may find some of these “been around awhile” cookbooks and we want you to know that they may be a wonderful choice!  We also want to share with you our “tried and true” favorites.  

We always cook a variety of recipes from the cookbooks that we review!  Just as with the recipes on this site (all of which a core group of us have reviewed – and at altitude), you can trust that the recipes have really been tried.  They don’t just look good – we’ve cooked them, eaten them, served them to friends and family – they have passed the test!  If they don’t, you won’t see the review here.

Every month we give away a copy of the cookbooks we reviewed in our last Newsletter.  How do we select the individual winners?  Randomly from our E-Newsletter subscription list.  That’s one more reason you should subscribe to our E-Newsletter!  

Enjoy our cookbook reviews.  We love cooking from them and reviewing them for you!