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Rice Crispy Treats

This veganized version of the popular treat is easy to make and likely to disappear fast!

  By VegFest Colorado

Artichoke & Spinach Dip

This is the vegan version of Olive Garden’s hot dip. Unless you tell them, people will never know it’s vegan!

  By Glenn McCarthy

Artichoke Crab Cakes with Sriracha Tater Sauce

This vegan version of the familiar classic will please people and crabs everywhere.


Banana Crepes

These delicate crepes can be enjoyed in the morning or for a delightful dessert.

  By Kris Giovanini

The Best Tuna-Less Salad

This delicious “tuna” contains no fish, egg or dairy, but is made with chickpeas, red onion, celery, pickles and nori seaweed (for that “from the sea” taste). This completely vegan mixture may not be full of fish, but it sure is full of flavor!

  By Sarah Eastin


This recipe puts a deliciously healthy spin on traditional nachos. You gotta try it!

  By Debbie Devore

Bean Brownies

Think a healthy brownie can't also taste good? This brownie made with red beans and dates proves otherwise!

  By Debbie Devore

Pie In The Sky

This delicacy thaws quickly so it can be served frozen, half frozen, or completely thawed as a custard pie.

  By Sarah Eastin

Black Bean & Walnut Burger

If you've been disappointed with black bean burgers in the past, this one will wow you and all who try it!

  By Kris Giovanini

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The Fourth Of July, Hot Dogs & American Exceptionalism

The Fourth Of July, Hot Dogs & American Exceptionalism

The theory that the United States is inherently different from other nations is known as American Exceptionalism.  Many (especially political candidates and commentators) use the term to imply that we are superior to other countries. In this article I explore how the reaction by many Americans to a recent news event, the Chinese Dog Meat […]

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  July 2, 2017   No comments
The Protein Myth:  How Do Vegans Get Protein?

The Protein Myth: How Do Vegans Get Protein?

We are obsessed with protein in this country.  I could retire if I received a dollar for each time I have been asked, “where do you get your protein?”  I typically respond with two questions. First, I ask “how much protein do you need each day?”  I get a blank stare as nobody has ever […]

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  February 27, 2017   No comments
What Do Vegans Eat?  You Might Be Surprised!

What Do Vegans Eat? You Might Be Surprised!

People unfamiliar with vegan diets often assume that they are restrictive and B-O-R-I-N-G.  For example, they think everyone who eats a vegan diet is thin and survives on seeds and salads. It is true that there are many thin vegans. And maybe there are some who survive on salads and seeds alone (although I don’t […]

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  July 28, 2016   No comments