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Black Bean & Walnut Burger

Black Bean & Walnut Burger

If you've been disappointed with black bean burgers in the past, this one will wow you and all who try it!

  By VegansEatWhat?

Supergreens Artichoke Dip

Supergreen Artichoke Dip

This incredible dip is full of healthy greens and OMG delicious! Serve with crostini, gluten free crackers, and/or sliced vegetables.

  By Sarah Gordon

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are chewy, moist and delicious. Adults and kids will devour them!

  By VegFest Colorado

Artichoke Crab Cakes

Artichoke Crab Cakes with Sriracha Tater Sauce

This vegan version of the familiar classic will please people and crabs everywhere.


vegan rhubarb pie

Rhubarb Pie

When I was young my mother gave me two pieces of cooking advice. First, she said, never eat cake if you can eat pie. And if you’re going to make a pie, she added, make a big pie. Indeed, my mother was the master of all pies, and she spent her entire adult life looking for bigger and bigger pie pans.

  By Mark W. Reinhardt

Cheddary Cheese Sauce

Cheddary Cashew Cheese Sauce

Drizzle this sauce over taco, scrambles, cooked pasta or vegetables ~ basically anywhere you want a nice cheddary-flavored sauce.


The Best Tuna-Less Salad

The Best Tuna-Less Salad

This delicious “tuna” contains no fish, egg or dairy, but is made with chickpeas, red onion, celery, pickles and nori seaweed (for that “from the sea” taste). This completely vegan mixture may not be full of fish, but it sure is full of flavor!

  By Sarah Eastin

Mushroom Palmiers

Mushroom Palmiers

These Palmiers are elegant, delicious and a fantastic appetizer to keep in the freezer for unexpected guests!

  By Glenn McCarthy

native foods cheeseball


Every gathering needs a cheeseball and this vegan version will be a crowd favorite!


Haward's Quiche

Howard’s Favorite Quiche

This quiche was served to Howard Lyman when he spoke at the 2011 VegFest Colorado. Howard pronounced it the best quiche he’d eaten and coming from the Mad Cowboy, that is quite a compliment!

  By Justina Walls

sunflower seed pesto

Sunflower Seed Pesto

I got this recipe while attending the “Vegan Schmegan” class at The Almost Vegan Cooking School in February, 2013. My favorite way to use this pesto is to spread it on sprouted bread and top it with some sliced tomato, a few salad greens and fresh pepper - Delish!

  By Kris Giovanini

What Do vegans eat on game day?  Cheesy nachos!


This recipe puts a deliciously healthy spin on traditional nachos. You gotta try it!

  By Debbie Devore

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