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asparagus soup

Cold Asparagus Soup

Cold soups have a lot more panache than hot soups. Cold soups are fancy and can be served on the “veranda” with real china and silver and a white tablecloth. You can even serve them in little bowls set inside of big bowls filled with ice. Everyone will think you’re Martha Stewart.

  By Mark

Mushroom Palmiers

Mushroom Palmiers

These Palmiers are elegant, delicious and a fantastic appetizer to keep in the freezer for unexpected guests!

  By Glenn

Energy Goji Berry Balls

Goji Berry Energy Balls

These delicious homemade treats can be eaten as a quick snack, breakfast or dessert. With an abundance of healthy ingredients and an easy-to-make recipe, many people in your kitchen will enjoy preparing these Goji Balls and (especially) eating them!

  By Sarah

Not-So Cheese Sauce

Not-So-Cheese Sauce

Once made, this healthy cheese sauce can be refrigerated for several days and provides numerous opportunities for easy, tasty and nutritious snacks and meals.

  By VegansEatWhat?



This dish is easy, elegant and perfect for family meals and entertaining.

  By VegansEatWhat?

Potato bar

Potato Bar

When the toppings are healthy, a potato bar is a great way to serve a fun, nutritious and delicious meal.

  By VegansEatWhat?

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What I Want You to Know About Turkey’s (& Delicious Vegan Recipes For Your Holiday)

What I Want You to Know About Turkey’s (& Delicious Vegan Recipes For Your Holiday)

I love turkeys! Well…. I love all animals but turkeys specifically are sooooo wonderful, intelligent, yet misunderstood and terribly mistreated. Please look at the articles below for more information on these wonderful birds, the terrible conditions they are subject to and how they suffer for the Thanksgiving holiday. Some of the key points which I would like you to […]

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  November 23, 2015   No comments
Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese

For many people the hardest perceived part of eating a plant-based/vegan diet is eliminating dairy cheese.  Fortunately, the plant-based cheeses of today allow you to eat vegan and have your cheese too! Vegan cheeses are made entirely with plant-based ingredients.  While cashews are frequently used to create plant-based cheeses, vegan cheese can be made from […]

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  August 4, 2015   No comments